Our Unique ABC3 Planning Model

a chart of the planning model with the As Bs & Cs

Experteers all have access to the models, tools and training content that makes up our unique ABC3 Planning Model. It starts with the 3 C’s – First, we will help you to decide on your Commercial Objectives, then carry out research and data analysis to develop a thorough Customer Understanding, which we will then turn into Customer Insights.

Next, we need to understand your business-the 3 B’s.

Finally, the 3 A’s. We will develop an Actionable Strategy.

We have developed a FREE ABC3 CALCULATOR. Click on this link and you can try it out for free. It will only take you 5 minutes and we will send you back a personalised free report based on your answers. We have benchmarked many other marketers, so you can see how your scores compare to other marketers. Don’t forget to include your email address when you complete the survey, so that we can send this to you.

FREE ABC3 Calculator

Questions our ABC3 Model answers with easy, actionable low-cost solutions

Do you have a data strategy that is reviewed and updated as part of the annual planning cycle?
Do you have a single customer view with all in respect of the customer held in one place?
Do you use external data sources to enhance the profile of your customers?
Do you have a targeting strategy that allows you to split your budget to target the key customer segments?
Do you have a clear media strategy that links back to your customer insight and objectives?
Do you use attribution modelling to inform media & channel planning?
Do you use econometric modelling to help you set media budgets?
Do you regularly test new media communications channels?
Do you have a content strategy with a content calendar that uses a combination of topical and evergreen content?
Do you use a mix of on and off-line media in all communication campaigns?
Do you know what role each comms channel plays in your media strategy?
Are all of relevant comms channels mobile enabled and render well on a mobile device?
Do you plan campaigns by starting with a media neutral communications idea before you start thinking about individual channels?
Do you use a mix of owned, earned and aid media?
Is your sales and marketing process completely aligned, and are all leads followed up and tracked
Do you have a comms process for nurturing customers who are not ready to buy now?
Do you have a sales lead scoring model which is regularly used?

Do you have a vision for your brand that is written down and clearly communicated to all of your staff?
Do you have a list of brand values that govern how your staff should interact with customers?
Do you have a list of brand values that govern what types of communications are appropriate?
Do you research how customers perceive the strengths and weaknesses of your brand against your key competitors (at least once per year)?
Do you have a clear set of brand guidelines for communications?
Would most of your customers be able to recognise your communications are from your company if you took your brand off the materials?
Do you have a clearly articulated brand proposition that is used for all comms?
Do you use your brand proposition and adapt it to make it relevant for each customer segment?
Is your brand proposition communicated consistently in all comms channels?

Do your marketing objectives align with your corporate goals?
Does your marketing strategy dovetail with your wider corporate strategy?
Would you say that your marketing strategy is sufficiently insight-led?
Do you segment your customers to provide more powerful strategic planning frameworks?
Do you have clear key performance indicator metrics for each of your major marketing objectives (e.g. sales, ROI, market share)?
Are your KPI reports tailored to the specific decision-making needs of key stakeholders in the business?
Do you systematically measure & track customer engagement through each channel? (e.g. likes, open rate, click through rate, shares)?
Do you combine engagement measures across different channels to form a measure of overall customer engagement?
Do you conduct customer research regularly (at least once per quarter)?
How often do you conduct customer experience research (e.g. customer satisfaction, NPS, sentiment, etc.)?
Do you capture customer behaviours as well as what they write in data capture forms?
How often do you do qualitative research (e.g. focus groups, depth interviews)?
Do you research what customers think about your brand at least once per year?
Do you research factors that will affect your competitors and the industry as a whole (e.g. PESTEL) at least once per year?
Do you research customer needs regularly (at least once per quarter)?
Do you research why customers choose to buy from you rather than competitors?
Do you research what the barriers are that might stop your target customer buying your product or services?
Do you have a customer database that is GDPR compliant?