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Who voted for who in the UK election? A great data profiling case study

As I am sure you are aware, the Conservative Party, led by Boris Johnson, won the recent UK government election comfortably. But who voted for them and where did Labour lose out?

Traditionally, in the UK, you would expect the Conservatives to appeal to wealthier voters and Labour to the working classes, but Brexit and the appeal of the party leaders obviously had a huge impact on who voted for who. In the Times newspaper today, there was a fascinating article profiling the voters of the main parties and I thought it demonstrates perfectly the power of data analysis. Here are some of their charts: It seems class didn’t have the impact that you would expect with 42% of people who are social class A or B voting Conservative and 47% of Social Class DE voting Conservative. So, social class made almost no difference to voting…

However, age made a huge difference:

The most astounding analysis I have seen, is what the outcome would have been if only certain ages had been allowed to vote. You can see why Labour wants to lower the age range to 16.

Just to highlight the points at the bottom of this picture (it is a screen shot from my phone, so sorry it is a bit fuzzy):

  • If only 18-24s voted: Lab 600, Con 0
  • If only 25-49 voted: Lab 407, Con 171
  • If only 50-64 voted: Con 354, Lab 215
  • If only 65+ voted: Con 575, Lab 25

Amazing, what some simple data analytics can show you. If you’d like to know more about the profile of your customers, we can help you.