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Summary of Benefits:

Digital Experteers is a membership program that provides the systems, training and tools to enable you to become an effective digital marketing consultant.

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We will show you how to earn a regular and recurring income by offering packages of client services. The cost to join is £1,850 for a 3 day initial training course and then only £25 per month for full ongoing membership benefits.

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Digital Marketing

We specialise in providing results driven digital marketing services tailored to SMEs and multi-site/franchised businesses.

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SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) account for over 99% of all businesses in the UK and spend an average of £24,000 on marketing per year. There are 5.2 million SMEs in the UK which equates to a £1.2 billion market opportunity.

That is the market we will show you how to target to build a profitable digital marketing consultancy business. Securing just 10 regular clients a year in your local area equates to £240,000 of potential revenues and you can run your business from home which means low overheads. Since your business is rooted in digital marketing, most of your client correspondences will be done through email and over the phone. There is no need to travel excessively or run around to meetings at all hours of the day which will allow you to manage a comfortable work / life balance.

We will also teach you how to make the most of your time so that you can create an efficient approach to developing new client business whilst retaining your existing clients. You will receive all the training and tools you need to be successful and gain your own share of this large and highly profitable SME market for digital marketing services. This includes ongoing access to our digital library to keep you up to date on all the latest standards and trends, together with regular updates on new ways to win and retain clients.

There are many digital training programs on the market, many of which are excellent. Why are we different ? Two main reasons. First, we are not an academic, theoretical type program. Yes, we cover off all the theory but in addition we focus on being exceptionally practical and results driven, precisely the type of approach needed to become a successful digital marketing consultant. Second, and this is probably one of the biggest differences between us and other opportunities out there, we are not a franchise. We don’t charge royalties, share in your income, or have any territory restrictions. Your business is your own. We provide support and expert backup but without the restrictions associated with a franchise model. In a franchise model, the franchisor takes a portion of your profits. We don’t.

Most services generate a monthly residual revenue for your business, so every month you will receive income on the services you sell. As you add and grown more clients, your residual income grows too.

Typically marketing services such as SEO, Social Media Management and Marketing, PPC and many others require 6-to-12 month contracts, meaning steady residual income to you. You will also be able to provide services, such as website creation, that offer you one-time high payouts; however, it’s typical for a client to not only need a new website but also additional (monthly residual) services that drive traffic to the website. You’ll be able to offer marketing packages that include many services that yield multiple streams of income.

We will show you how to offer packages of client services, to make it easier for you to manage client expectations and budgets. You can manage all of the work yourself, or you can outsource the delivery of projects to our creative and production partners. You may also choose to collaborate with other Digital Experteers to provide the services that your clients need.

Our Digital library will keep you continuously up to date with digital developments and act as an ongoing reference point.